CODAworx Commission Contract

The foundation of a successful art commission is open communication between the creative team and the commissioner. We reviewed many existing commission contracts, and have spoken with many commissioners and artists to develop this simple contract that covers the key elements of your art commission. Our hope is that it will bring clarity and consensus to the world of art commissions.


Why is a contract needed?

Think of the CODAworx Commission Contract as the foundation of your artwork commission. This interactive tool clearly spells out the agreement between the entity commissioning a work of art (architect, designer, developer, art consultant, public art agency, non-profit organization, etc.) and the artist or company hired to create the commission. Our document is straightforward and direct, and lets you customize our unique template to create a contract that can accommodate your variables.


How does this process work?

The CODAworx Commission Contract has a simple format. The main body of the contract includes the key terms and conditions of the agreement, such as final design, time-frame, and compensation to the artist. Think of it as a checklist that covers the main points. The body has places to fill in the blanks on the specifics, such as parties to the agreement.

There are also five (5) exhibits to the document, which spell out the important specific details of the commission:

  • Final Design
  • Artist’s Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Commissioner’s Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Stages of Work, Time-Frame, and Compensation
  • Intellectual Property and Related Rights and Obligations

CODAworx provides some suggested language for these exhibits, but it is also the place where you can fully customize to reflect the uniqueness of your commission and to implement the outcome of negotiations with the artist. And remember the all-important point of building a good relationship – there should be no surprises!


Who should purchase the Commission Contract?

This document is intended to be purchased and completed by the commissioning entity, and provides a simple and straightforward way to finalize an agreement with the commissioned artist/company. By putting in writing all of the key elements, with each party reviewing it before starting the process, consensus can be reached. Then, there is a document that can be referred to over time if problems arise.

Once a solid foundation is laid that is based on understanding of all details surrounding the commission, the magic of creation can begin!

The CODAworx Commission Contract is one of a suite of services for commissioners. CODAworx is providing the licensee a one-time right to use the Commission Contract and its content solely for purposes of entering into a single artwork commission agreement. CODAworx retains all other rights in and to the Commission Contract and its content, including all copyright. Feel free to consult with our team on the right approach for your commission.

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The CODAworx Commission Contract does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. Please be advised that the law is different from state to state. You may want to seek independent legal counsel in your state to review the contract before finalizing.

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Purchasers of the CODAworx Commission Contract can put questions to our experienced team of commission project managers and have the option to access a specialized art contract attorney. Contact us today to learn more at (608) 467-3040, or email [email protected].